Oct 05

Fastest Way To Get A Free Amazon Gift Card



We live in a world of instant gratification.

With the advent of modern cell phones, high speed Wi-Fi hot spots, and online pizza ordering, people these days want there stuff, and they want it now.

A couple years ago, I had run across InstaGC while doing a Swagbucks search for more ways to make money from home.

Within a few minutes of simply clicking my mouse to complete a few offers, I had 100 points. I was able to redeem them instantly for a free amazon gift card valued at $1.00. Cool, huh?

And, get this … after you have redeemed $50.00 worth of points for gift cards, you are then eligble to start redeeming for actual cash for your Paypal account!

So, go ahead, start earning your free amazon gift card …

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Sep 26

Listia – A Unique Online Auction Site – A Review by Patrick Doolin



I’ve happily been a part of the Listia Community for almost 3 years now.

Listia is a unique online auction site where you can “give away” items you no longer want or need, whether it is new or used.

Listia is also different in that there are no cash transactions, only a points system is used for bidding – unless you are paying the cost of shipping something out, or having something shipped to you.

While shopping however, you can filter results for auctions that only have free shipping! Cool, huh?

My most recent auctioned item was a Pokemon coin that I had no use for whatsoever. I spent only 71 cents to have the item shipped to the highest bidder, and I got over 60,000 credits for it!

So, why not join me, for free! For a limited time, get 10,000 free credits when you successfully list your first auction!

Thanks for reading.


Sep 25

ShoeMoney Shines – Patrick Doolin’s Review



Jeremy Schoemaker, ever heard of him?.  He has made millions of dollars online and as helped many folks do the same. Now it is your turn. He usually charges for these courses
and yet I never paid him anything.  

He has offered to pay $1 for each step completed. I tried the first steps, and, sure enough there was $1 paid directly into my paypal account!

I continued onto to the next 3 easy steps, and next thing I know there was another $3 in my account. Then, it just kept coming!

You’ll have fun, like me, with his intuitive Karate Belt level up system, that pays you to complete each task.

When you’re all finished following the awesome steps, you’ll have a full online business running!

Go ahead, take action now!  Click here to register.


Sep 24

Free Samples – My PINCHme Review



I’m really starting to enjoy this free sample review platform called PINCHme.

To start receiving super valuable free samples, simply join and answer a few standard questions, and boom, you’re on your way to filling your mailbox with free stuff in no time. I mean, who doesn’t like free stuff?

One of the really cool things about PINCHme is that you can choose the items you want to try, which adds to the fun of it all. However, you need to stay vigilant and log in often if you want to get the best picks.

These are highly targeted, super valuable free samples. Make sure to join me right away and start getting those freebies!