Apr 19

How To Earn Residual Income Using Traffic Exchanges

Hello again, I hope you’re doing well. This article will be about how to earn residual income using Traffic Exchanges.

What is a Traffic Exchange, you ask? A Traffic Exchange, or TE for short, is a form of online advertising that involves using your mouse to click matching symbols on a screen to advance to the next advertisement. The amount of time required to view the advertisement, also know as the surf timer, as well as the credit ratio, vary depending on which Traffic Exchange you are using. For example, Easy Hits 4 U – the most known TE, has a standard timer of 20 seconds, with a 1:1 credit ratio.

Earning residual income using Traffic Exchanges is mainly done by promoting your TE affiliate links to get others to join under you. And, depending on what your commission percentage is, you’ll earn residual income when someone purchases a monthly upgrade through you. For instance, I am upgraded at Power Cash Stream, because I like to surf there, and I get great results – plus I get up to %40 Commissions and have a shorter timer, with a better credit ratio. It’s always a good idea to upgrade, especially at Power Cash Stream.

Speaking of Power Cash Stream and earning residual income using Traffic Exchanges, I’d like to point you in the direction of Cash Surfing Network – CSN is a fantastic way to earn money while driving quality visitors to your affiliate links. There are 6 Core Sites involved in the network, and you can get a $2.00 Sign Up Bonus for each site, totaling $12.00. You can cash out into your Paypal account when you reach $15.00 in each site. What’s the coolest part? You can earn small amounts of money, just by clicking! You can learn more by visiting the extensive library of videos and tutorials located on the left navigation menu, inside CSN.

Well, that is all for now on this subject. Thanks for reading! Join CSN Below:

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